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"Remember the gifts the natural world offers us freely & generously," Interview with Lynne Armstrong

How do you describe your craft?

I’m a painter. I also make block prints and I used to work in clay. But painting is my passion. I like to use brushes and make marks, and I like to draw.

"Sunflowers with Peaches" Acrylic 30" x 40"

Describe one of your favorite moments as an artist

When I’m at the gallery or an art show and I overhear someone I don’t know enjoying one of my paintings. To share a vision, and give a complete stranger that gift, is the reason I keep painting.

What inspires or Motivates your work currently?

To be honest I have painted all my life, and I certainly can’t stop now. The natural world is my inspiration. Landscape, still life, people. I see something and I want to make a painting to share that beauty. It’s spring in our beautiful rural setting. The fruit trees are blooming. A blooming tree is like a promise of abundance. I want to paint a new series of blooming trees.

"The Old Cherry Tree" Acrylic 30"x40"

What artists or people have influenced your practice?

I’ve been a serious student of art for most of my life. I like all sorts of paintings, and painting styles. For many years I painted only abstract compositions. Although I occasionally do now, I’ve returned my attention to my love of the human figure and the natural world.

At this Moment with COVID-19, how can the arts help?

We need to remember what gifts the natural world offers us freely and generously. Artists call attention to these gifts, by honoring them in their subject matter.

"That's When the Light Shines Through" Acrylic 36"x 36"

How has this situation hit your craft and how can we help YOU?

Sheltering in place has opened up time to work, time to seek inspiration and time to grow as an artist. But I don’t want to just pile up paintings and drawings in my studio. So I look forward to opportunities to show my work, locally at the Blue Whole Gallery, and as a participating artist in our annual Art Jam show or other venues. I can participate in virtual showings, as this opportunity provides. But I’m a huge believer in seeing art in person. For instance you can look at hundreds of pictures by Van Gogh in books, but when you see a real one, that’s when you really see it.

Post COVID-19, what do you hope changes in Sequim? what role do you think the arts might play to support our Sequim?

The Sequim demographic includes a high percentage of artists and art lovers. Musicians, theater folks, artists, dancers…I hope the community will support the arts by attending events and performances, and purchasing art. Art supplies are expensive and artists need to sell their work to keep being creative. The artist community gives Sequim an enhanced reputation. At the Blue Whole Gallery many visitors admire the quality of work on display by local artists.

"Water and Sunlight" Acrylic 12"x12"

What is ONE Creative Practice for any level artist that you recommend for our readers at this time?

Draw…draw all the time. Never quit drawing.

"Janet" Acrylic 16"x20"

What were you concerned about 3 weeks ago that you’re no longer worried about NOW?

How to have time to schedule all the important things I thought I had to get done. Now it turns out they did not have to be done at all!

"The Strait of Georgia" Acrylic 36"x 36"

Anything else you wish to add?

I am proud of the City of Sequim Arts Council that their support of the arts includes an opportunity like this for artists to talk to the public about their work.

How can people connect with you? Find your work? (website, FB, Email, etc..)



Instagram lynne.armstrong2

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